DadLabs Keeps Us Laughing
Oct 29 2007

Check out the new and improved DadLabs site.   I’ve been to their lab and met with pretty much all of them.  I have to say they are pretty darn cool.  They have some downright hilarious videos and I’m embedding some of them below.

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Manly breastfeeding  – a.k.a. Daditude ‘Milk Man’ – (if you are easily offended you might not want to watch this one.  If you are ready for a good laugh, I recommend that you watch this one at least 5 times but make sure you aren’t holding a drink.  I was laughing so hard I couldn’t stop the tears!).

The Lab Shoes (all about finding that ever elusive kid’s shoe when you are about to walk out the door)

I can’t wait for them to do a Gear Daddy video on Babble Soft!

From Daddy Clay:


Well it’s here.  With an assist from our new producing partner For Your Imagination, the DadLabs site is relaunched, and Season 2 has officially begun.  Our kickoff episode is appropriately enough, all about shoes.  Get it?  Kick.  Shoes.  And check out the special guest appearance by Cooper John!

We could really use your support in this critical time, so please drop by the site and check out a video or three.  We will be posting a new episode of each of our shows each week: the Lab on Mondays, the Lounge on Tuesdays, Daditude on Wednesdays and Gear Daddy on Thursdays.  You can also check out a classic: all 100 episodes from Season 1 are available on the site.  You can even subscribe to us on iTunes now.

Our goal is 150,000 video views in the next two weeks, so if you wouldn’t mind, please watch 150,000 videos.  If you can’t manage that, please tell everybody you know to stop by the site and have a look.  And let us know what you think by leaving us comments.  Help us be the best internet television show on fatherhood.  Which shouldn’t be hard because I’m pretty sure we’re the only…internet…television…

Special thanks to the amazing guys at For Your Imagination.  When they announced their timetable for getting the relaunch done, I thought they were nuts.  Which they clearly are.  But they got it done, and it’s amazing.

So stop listening to me ramble on and go to the site!  And watch a bunch of videos and leave a bunch of comments.

See you over there.



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Breastfeeding Tip: Use Two Boppy Pillows – Baby Tip by Babble Soft
Jul 9 2007

babytipteetherHere’s a tip on breastfeeding a newborn:  Use TWO boppies.  When I had my son in 2002, I received a boppy (breastfeeding pillow) at my baby shower.  I really liked using it but discovered that I often had to put cushions or pillows beneath it to get our newborn son at a comfortable position for feeding.  The cushions would slip out or somehow (I don’t know how) he would kick them out.  I would then find myself hunching over and my back aching a bit after a while.  When my daughter was born in 2005, I received another one and happened to try stacking them and putting them both around my waist.  It was great!  Since I’m a bit short-waisted having the two breastfeeding pillows made me sit up straight thereby forcing me to maintain good posture (a plus).  Having two boppies was helpful to me in the cradle, cross-cradle, and football positions.  In the football position, I would put both boppies stacked on each other to my right or left and then I would place my daughter with her head toward me and her body/feet behind me resting on one of the sides of the boppy.  I used two for the first probably 12-16 weeks of her life.

Of course it’s not that easy to take a boppy with you when you are breastfeeding/nursing-in-public so on those occassions I propped them on our big, fat diaper bag because I always had it handy. ;)

If you can’t afford another boppy, try to find a really sturdy/hard cushion that you can place under the boppy for the football position.  You’d have to find two slightly firm cushions if you want to use them for the cradle and cross-cradle positions.  You can also ask a friend if they are done with their boppy…I just gave one of ours away to a friend.  We also used our boppy for tummy time, sitting support, and all sorts of fun things that I’m sure you are not supposed to use it for. :-)



Note to new readers: these tips are based on our experiences, as well as those of our friends and readers.  Please always consult with your doctor before implementing any tip that might impact the health of your baby.  If you have a tip you’d like to submit please send an email to babblesoft blogger for possible inclusion.  Please check the ‘baby tips’ category to make sure your tip (in some form or fashion) hasn’t already been posted.  If it has been, feel free to comment on that post and support the tip.  We also welcome respectful challenges to the tips because as is noted in our inaugural baby tip ‘everything is relative!’  We will, of course, give anyone who submits a tip we publish credit and a link back to their site!

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The Dark Side of Breastfeeding
May 17 2007

Jennifer, also known as The Lactivist, posted on The Dark Side of Breastfeeding on May 15, 2007 and “WOW” the response has been huge and the moms who are breastfeeding or have breastfed are still chiming in.  I agree with her thoughts on breastfeeding….it’s not always as easy, fun, and rosy as some people make it out to be.  It is a full time 24×7 job.  Check out her post and share your thoughts.  I’m glad people can be honest about this topic.  We need to educate new moms who want to breastfeed abMMBA logoout the challenges as well as the joys of breastfeeding.  It is a wonderful experience but as Jennifer suggests there is also a darkside.

Jennifer is also a huge advocate for the Mother’s Milk Bank.  She is in Ohio.  I am in Texas (Austin) and fortunately both of our cities have Milk Banks in them!  For more information on milk banking please refer to my last post on the Mother’s Milk Bank of Austin.

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